Information for Families

Building and maintaining respectful relationships with the whole community, regardless of culture is paramount for us.

Family Day Care is available to all families for their children from birth to 13 years of age in an approved home environment. Many families and the community are often unaware that Family Day Care is an alternative child care option.

We are passionate in raising that profile and maintaining a bigger footprint in the Community. We look forward to developing partnership’s between parents and educators, so we can understand each family’s needs and those of their child.

Government Subsidies

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring that Australian families are able to access affordable, flexible and high quality child care. The Government provides a number of subsidies and programs to help with the cost of child care, with the Child Care Subsidy being the main type of assistance that most families will use.

Koolanga Family Day Care Service is approved under Family Assistance Law for administering Australian Government child care fee assistance (subsidies) to eligible families.

 How much can a family receive?

The level of subsidy a family receives will depend on three factors:

Income – a family’s (both partners) combined income

Activity test – what activities the individual and their partner undertake or exemptions that might apply and

Service type – the type of approved child care service used, for example Family Day Care.

How will the Child Care Subsidy be paid?

As the Approved Provider, Child Care Subsidies will be paid directly to Koolanga Family Day Care Service, to pass on as a fee reduction so that family fees are reduced at the time they use child care. Families will pay the difference between their subsidy and the fees charged.

Families will not be able to elect to receive their subsidy as a lump sum at the end of the financial year. Families will need to make a claim for Child Care Subsidy when (or before) each child starts attending care.

To make a claim for Child Care Subsidy, visit Department of Human Services website or follow the link on our “What is Family Day Care” page.

Looking for Care?

If you are looking for child care, please complete the enquiry form below.  We will be in contact with you to discuss current vacancies. 

Alternatively, you can view “Our Educators” page on our website to contact educators directly.