What is Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is a flexible, more individualised, small group care arrangement, for your children from birth to 13 years of age and can be a great alternative for your child, where siblings can stay together.

All children are educated and cared for in an Approved Family Day Care educator’s home. Educators work with Koolanga, who carry out regular visits to monitor and support the children’s individual development and provide support.

At Koolanga, we think Family Day Care is a wonderful choice, where families can feel confident that they are leaving their children in a small group setting, with a safe, warm, loving and learning environment. Our educators are qualified and assessed before we welcome them into Koolanga Family Day Care Service.

Koolanga Family Day Care Service operates under the National Quality Framework, where we strive for educators to provide the highest level of education and care to children and build strong, respectful relationships with families.

We use the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place to extend and enrich children’s learning during their time in Family Day Care, through the transition to school and beyond.

The Benefits of Family Day Care

Family Day Care provides early education and care for all families within small groups and a safe, nurturing, flexible home learning environment. It is here where genuine, long lasting bonds are formed between the educator, children and families.

Family Day Care educators offer individualised learning programs for the children in care. These follow the child’s interest and development.

Family Day Care can provide experiences that reflect your families culture and the diversity of your community.

Family Day Care can offer education and care during evenings, weekends, overnight, before and after school, during school holidays, as well as the standard hours on weekdays.

Family Day Care educators have no more than four children under school age at any one time, with the addition of three school aged children, if care is required.

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